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Will Smith Encapsulates Richard Williams Perfectly

With our recent review of this year's "King Richard" movie that follows the upbringing of Serena and Venus Williams, we believe that Will Smith did an amazing job of playing their father Richard.

Through the many trials and tribulations that the Williams family has faced in their life, this film breaks down the sacrifices that not only the sisters made, but the father in particular. From starting many businesses and failing, training his daughters late into the evening then going to work as a nightguard, Richard Williams did everything to make sure that their daughters had the right upbringing.

I must say, even though the film focuses on the dad, their mother stood by his side through everything (even as a full-time nurse at the hospital). At one point she even claimed to fix Serena's serve when Richard took Venus to train with Paul Cohen.

Below is our full review of the film and we break down everything that happened in the film.


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