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Noah Rubin Set to Retire... For Now??

Where to start with Mr. Rubin. Noah was one of the first players we ever met while traveling from tournament to tournament. His bluntness and honesty made us look at the tour in a different light (in a good way, of course).

For those of you that do not know who Noah Rubin is, he was a junior Wimbledon champion in 2013 which was the first American to win the title in over 6 years (Donald Young 2007). Ranked Number 1 in the nation, Rubin decided to take his talents to college where he committed and played for the prestigious Wake Forest. Here are just some of his accomplishments on the college circuit:

  • ACC Player of the Year

  • Freshmen of the Year

  • Ranked Top 10 in the nation

  • ITA Rookie of the Year

  • Runner up in NCAA Individual Tournament

Over the years, Noah had remained a consistent player on the Challenger level circuit. Winning four Challenger level titles; two over Top 20 Current Americans, Tommy Paul, and Taylor Fritz. Three on hard court and one being on the dirt. But, the biggest impact this American had was having the ability to give players a voice outside of the tennis world.

The Behind the Racquet movement started back in 2019 when Rubin not only wanted to share his voice, but the voice of others that may have had the same mentality on tour. "Everyone has a story and it’s time to share yours" tagline from his website brings everyone in the world of tennis (fans, players, celebrities, etc.) to the forefront of how tennis makes everyone feel connected.

This was his biggest impact in our opinion. He wasn't just a tennis player, he was an advocate to make tennis for everyone and broadening the horizons of the sport itself.


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