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On Court Coaching Trial Begins After Wimbledon

This was a long time coming. I think it's about time that the ATP finally tries out the idea of coaching their players on the court rather than keeping it "taboo" for players. From juniors to college, players have always had someone in their corner to look to for some advice and "mid-match wisdom". But why not in the pros?

Tennis has always been known as a mental and physical battle for players who fight on their own. Just like boxing, golf, cycling, and many other sports, players fight on their own with no one on the "court" to help them. Why not give players the best opportunity to win using all their tools, including their coaches!

In the recent announcement by the ATP, coaching will be allowed under these:

  • Coaching (verbal and non-verbal) is allowed only if it does not interrupt play or create any hinderance to the opponent

  • Verbal coaching is permitted only when the players is at the same end of the court

  • Non-verbal coaching (hand signals) is permitted at any time

  • Verbal coaching may consistent of a few words or phrases but no conversations are permitted

  • Coaches may not speak to their player when the player leaves the court for any reason

  • Penalties and fines will still apply for abuse or misuse for the above coaching conditions


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