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Tsitsipas calls for "the changing of thrones"

After a well-fought victory against rising young talent Ugo Humbert, newly ranked World Number 3, Stefanos Tsitsipas sat down to talk to the press. Our friends from Match Point Canada, asked about what it is like to play tournaments without the Big 3 attending them. The answer might surprise you

Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of the many young talents the ATP has on its tour. So not just speaking for himself, who just achieved the highest ranking of his career (#3), but for the others who are on their way to replace the big 3 once they retire.

As one of the biggest questions on tour, who will replace the dominant tour? This is not a simple question nor a straight forward as well. With the recent injuries and longer-lasting injuries Novak, Roger and Rafa have been sustaining... playing a full calendar year is catching up to their bodies.

It seems like players like Tsitsipas and those around the same caliber level of tennis (Zverev, etc.), are starting to realize that this is their time to shine and play while the Big 3 aren't feeling 100%. With this being said, we have to acknowledge that Novak is playing unbelievably well! Even though he didn't win Gold at the Olympics, or even placed on the podium, he still has a shot at winning all four grand slams in a calendar year!

Tsitsipas I believe is still one of the favorites to win the US Open, even this current National Bank Open. But he is speaking his mind and we love to see it!


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