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The Laver Cup Roster is SET!

Now considered one of the more "prestigious" tennis events of the year, the Laver Cup will take place this year in Boston at the TD Garden. After not taking place last year (due to COVID), we are looking forward to seeing some of the best professionals on tour!

Here is some background on the tournament:

Each team is comprised of six players, and led by a team captain, who is a legend of the sport. The captain of Europe is Bjorn Borg, and the captain of Team World is John McEnroe. Three of the six players qualify based on their ATP singles ranking as of the Monday following the French Open. Three are “captain’s picks”, announced by the start of the US Open.

The event is played over three days. On Friday and Saturday, there is a day and night session followed by a final single day session on Sunday.

Each day four matches are played – three singles and a doubles.

Both singles and doubles are best of three sets with ad scoring. In the event of split sets, the third set is a 10-point match tiebreaker.

(via Laver Cup )

There was one viral tweet of what the Laver Cup would look like with WTA players and it may have had a point. What would the rosters look like with female players? Also, there should be an event like this for the women's game. If Billie Jean King didn't use her name for the newly renamed Fed Cup, who would we name the event after?

Chris Everet has the World Number 1 trophy named after her, could we have it named after Steffi Graf? Maybe Serena after she retires? But it would have to be named after someone prestigious.


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