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So Laver Cup is Blocking Everyone on Twitter... I Wonder Why?

With the Laver Cup quickly approaching, there is one headline that the tournament doesn't want to hear. Zverev is being accused of domestic violence. Look, I love Roger and I love this type of format of a tournament. But let's be real, the prices are WAY TOO HIGH and they are blatantly ignoring Zverev's off-court scandal.

We can all agree, Twitter can either be a really funny place or really toxic. But it looks like the Laver Cup is trying to make sure the headlines have nothing to do with Zverev and his off-court issues. MEANING, they are blocking everyone who has tweeted the Slate article that came out describing his situation.

Even on the "Tennis Twitter" subreddit, those who tweeted at the official tournament account were getting banned for mentioning the situation.


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