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Siniakova Is Unstoppable!

When Siniakova won her quarterfinal matchup, she had one of the most dominant matches of her life! She let her opponent win 7 points per set... So when we sat down with her, we wanted to know what you can expect for the next round.

Congratulations on your win today. This is Phillip from Tweener Head Tennis. I was actually wondering when you play a match like this from a mentality standpoint, you held her to 14 total points in this match. And I was wondering for, for you, how do you feel going into the next match now that you've played, I guess, a quicker match than usual? What do you think about for the next step?

I mean, I'm expecting tough much. Like the next one will be tough and, uh, you know, for me it was just good that I could keep going like this because of course in the beginning, it wasn't really easy because I didn't know her. I was trying to watch something on the internet. So anyway, it was hard. So like I said, I needed to see in the beginning of the match, how it goes, but, you know, I'm just happy I could, I could finish it like this and the next match will be totally different and new one.

I was actually wondering, if I can ask a followup question for you in terms of having success in a tournament, you've been some of the best players you've beaten Serena Williams this year. What would you consider a tournament success by the players you beat or by the result you had in the tournament? Which one would you rather have?

Good question. I mean, it also depends how I feel in that moment. So it's really hard to say now because when I was playing against Serena and it was, I can say like second round, but I beat her. So for me, that was like, it was amazing moment. And I just said they didn't really care if it was first round or second or the final. So of course it's really tough because that tournament, I played amazing, but I didn't win it.

So it just just happened. But, you know, I just tried to focus on myself, how I play and, because if I work hard and then I show it in the match, that's, that's the thing I won. And I think it's, it, it will come if I work hard and I feel more confident and I work on my, on my game. I believe that it will come. So yeah, it just kind of like connected

I was wondering for the check record, guys, so many good tennis players right now, your doubles partner just won the French open. What do you think makes cheque tennis so special? What, what is everyone missing that someone not from that country is not seeing?

I mean, it's tough to say because every girl like playing now in top, top, top hundred, like had different way. So it's not really, I wouldn't say it's something like really about Czech Republic. We just had the way and we just work hard and because we are so small country, everyone thinks there is a lot of players from that, uh, that country. So, I mean, it's amazing. It's, it's really cool that we can see so many, so many girls in top.

Photo via Noah Fromson on Twitter


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