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Roger Federer FINALLY Answers Questions about Zverev Case

I think everyone is excited. Seeing Roger back on tour... and on CLAY?? You bet your butt that most tennis fans will be glued to the television tomorrow to watch one of the greatest tennis players of all time take the court once again.

Yet, I am more interested in the press conference the tournament held for the Swiss International the day before he plays... Ben Rothenberg, the freelance reporter for the New York Times, asked Federer about Zverev and his latest accusations from his ex-girlfriend.

For those of you who are not aware of this situation, check out our video on Zverev and his ex-girlfriend. Zverev was also a part of Team8, Federer's management company that fields the likes of Dimitrov, Del Potro, and Gauff. The company dropped Zverev from their member's list and Rothenberg wanted to know why. Do they know something we don't know? Was there something going on behind the scenes with Roger? Does Roger know anything?

Below, you can find a picture of the transcript where Roger was asked about Zverev's off-court situation and how Team8 may or may not be involved with this case.


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