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Meet The Person Behind The Biggest Roger Federer FAN Account - The Federerexpress

Ever wondered who or what is behind a tennis fan account? No? Well, we have! We reached out to the biggest Federer fan page on Instagram, "The Federerexpress".

What made you start the account?

What initially drove me to create the account was (to be honest) just to have a place to store all my pictures and videos that I had taken of Roger. I had always been a massive fan, and wanted to make something public.

How long have you been doing the account for?

I officially started the account in around September of 2018 - but I wasn't really committed to it, and saw it more as a "ok, ill post here every once in a while just for fun..." However, when covid started was when I really started to post more - and began specializing in court level videos - that was what initially brought my account a lot of followers in the beginning. I had about 400 followers in March of 2020 and now have just over 65 thousand. How did that happen? I have no idea to be honest..

What is the goal of the account?

My goal is to connect fans of Roger and tennis in general to each other, and to foster a place where people can talk about all things Federer - because there aren't many places where you can be around literally thousands of Federer fans. Also, its just to find some rare pictures and videos to share with people - stuff that other pages don't post. I like to be the FIRST to post something.. I find it more satisfying that way.

Why do you think people dedicate (aka part of) their lives to aka “stalk” a singular athlete?

I think that 4th question is a really really hard one. I guess you could start with the question of "why do people watch sports in general?" The answer to that I would say is because...they enjoy it - its entertaining. I think the same logic could be applied to following very closely a singular athlete like I do. I love watching how he in particular plays, and that's why I dedicate (at least a little bit) of my daily routine to that. I want to be clear about the stalking part though. I never post paparazzi taken pictures - nor of Rogers kids - nor even of his wife Mirka. I like to keep strictly to things/pictures/videos that he himself would be ok with me posting...and of things that are tennis-related. Not personal life.

What does a fan account give to fans rather than the actual person?

I think that a fan account can allow people to see more sides of the athlete. Its difficult to find certain points of Roger...or pictures....etc online - and I think that's why people follow me - for a constant supply of Federer related content that they can't find everywhere - along with the other fellow fans that they can connect with.

How much contact do you have with Roger Federer?

No contact with Roger himself (except the 20-30 times hes viewed my story), but a few very indirect connections through sponsors etc. I do have contact with Seve Luthi though - who messages me fairly often.

Will you ever monetize the account? (biggest fan account for a player)

I won't ever monetize Instagram - possibly my Youtube one day down the road...but not Instagram.

Difference between a fan account for a single person versus a whole organization?

I think the difference between a fan account for a single person versus something like a team is just that its more personalized - I feel like there's more of a direct connection to the individual than to say a team with 20 players...


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