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Kevin Anderson Calls it a Career

How do I remember the big South African? The duck bill brim. His lotto hat was iconic at Wimbledon for me (also the fact that he went toe-to-toe with Isner which caused Wimbledon rule was changed to make "matches last shorter").

Anderson started his tennis career at the University of Illinois. In his three years at Champaign, he earned All-American honors and won the NCAA Doubles title with his partner Ryan Howe. Winning the 2007 Big 10 Tennis Athlete of the Year, he also won Illinois Athlete of the Year.

His career accolades are as follows:

7 Career ATP Titles

- 2021 - Newport

- 2019 - Chennai

- 2018 - Vienna

- 2018 - New York

- 2015 - Winston-Salem

- 2012 - Delray Beach

- 2011 - Johannesburg

2 Grand Slam Finals

- 2018 Wimbledon (defeated by Djokovic)

- 2017 US Open (defeated by Nadal)


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