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ICYMI - This is the WORST Umpire to Miss the Call

This past week, I think we have witnessed one of the biggest mistakes an umpire can make on the tennis court. No... it's not getting a line call wrong. It was messing up the scoreline and he doesn't even correct it! Astra Sharma does up triple breakpoint and while he announces the wrong score, the scoreboard continues to show the right score... hmmm

So when the Australian supposedly wins the game, you can clearly see her opponent walking to her chair. She immediately realizes that the game isn't over and returns back to the baseline. Even Sharma at one point looks visibly confused about the scoreline but shrugs it off and grabs her towel.

What makes this worse of a situation is the response that Sharma received when she went to the tournament director after her match. This is not the response you expect the tournament director to give you after one of your officials makes a very big mistake in the match. Personally, I understand that one can be more focused on their game than the score. But there is a reason why officials are there, to uphold the rules and SCORE... not to give them a lesson about "focusing on your game more than the score".


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