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Doubles Still Can't Catch a BREAK in Grand Slam Prize Money

Look, tennis comes down to the fact that it is a business. Just like any professional sports league or organization, it comes down to what can make them the most money... right?

In tennis, recently there has been a lot of attention put on the fact that doubles players are not making as much money as the singles player on tour.

I think we can all agree that tennis fans go to tournaments to watch primarily singles. That doesn't mean they can't enjoy some doubles on the side. But, what fans may not know is that doubles players are making probably half of what singles players are making on tour (not including the Top 10 of the rankings).

Why am I bringing this up now? It is because British tennis player and Davis Cup champion, Dom Inglot posted this picture (seen on your right) of the breakdown of the prize money for the upcoming 2021 French Open.

With the tournament already losing money due to the pandemic and the loss of fans, tournaments have had to cut some of the prize money for their players. With this cut, a lot of players feel displeased with the fact that almost 25% (maybe even more) of their prize is being cut due to the pandemic.

I don't plan them. This is a very tough situation because the tournament relies on fans to give them the revenue to make back the money they spent on the event. But if we look closely at these numbers, singles players that make it into the second round of qualifying can make MORE than a doubles team that plays the first round of the MAIN DRAW.

I feel that something needs to be down or new sponsors need to show their support for these doubles players that sacrifice everything other players do but have to eventually split it with their playing partners.


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