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Australia Vaccine Mandate Hinders Novak for 21?

Honestly, will this really affect Novak playing in Australia? I don't think so. Do I think he will get a special exemption if they want him to win in Australia? Maybe. It is not clear what will happen for the 2022 Australian Open (can't believe I am saying 2022...).

Via Eurosport - “If I was an ATP or WTA player, I'd be getting vaccinated," Pakula told local radio station SEN. "That will give them the best opportunity to play in the Australian Open with the more minimal restrictions that might be in place for those people.

“Last year, all of those players had to do their 14 days of quarantine. Right now there looks like there will be different rules for people who enter this country who are vaccinated as against unvaccinated and I don’t think the tennis will be any exception to that.

In the latest study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated players on both the ATP and WTA tours, ATP representatives that roughly 65% of the total tour is vaccinated. The WTA has come out and said that around 60% of their players have been fully vaccinated.

Now, not to get political BUT, if we want to figure this pandemic situation and put it behind us, we have to make sure that we are all on the same page. We have to work together and stop the spread. If we look at other sports, the NBA (National Basketball League) and NFL (National Football League) have been implementing rules and regulations to decrease the spread amongst their players. Even those that don't want to get a vaccine, are being "forced" to get it to make others safe (i.e Andrew Wiggins from the Golden State Warriors).


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