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Anett Kontaveit Is Champion of Cleveland!

For the third title of her career, the Estonian has proven herself to be a possible underdog for the upcoming US Open. When we were able to sit down with her for the post-match press conference, we wanted to learn what kind of routine she had and what her expectations should be for this upcoming major!

I actually wanted to ask you in terms of your preparation for this match, is there any particular routine that you have, or is there any rituals that you have either the night before your match or the day you start your match?

There was nothing unusual from what I do, just recovering from the match before, from the semifinal during the night and then in the morning. I mean, I just went through the usual, had breakfast, had a hit and then I was getting ready for the match.

I was wondering when you have a result like this after you come off a win and such a run like this and being so successful this week, what do you look for when you go into the US Open? What do you go into for a grant lab? Do you expect certain results or do you just take a day by day?

Yeah. I really like to take a day by day. I mean, putting too much expectation on yourself, it's usually just the pressure that is not necessary. So I think I'm feeling good on the court and just taken match by match and see how it goes.

At which point do you consider playing the US opener, which round do you think would be considered a success for you at the US Open?

Tough question. I've reached the quarterfinals of a slam one time but definitely looking forward to doing that again, not go further. I think I've been in four rounds a lot of times. I think it's something that but each wind is important, obviously. So I think I don't really like looking ahead to thinking like that. It just puts unnecessary pressure, in my opinion. But I think, you know, third rounds and fourth rounds or something that I have that you before, so I definitely would you looking to do more.


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