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Grigor Dimitrov Tests POSITIVE for COVID-19... What a Shock

Grigor Dimitrov, Bulgarian tennis player and former Top 3 player in the world, as well as ATP Finals winner, announced today that he tested positive for COVID-19. Shortly after he announced on Instagram that he tested positive, the Adria Tour was canceled. Are we really surprised though?

Despite the weeks of preparation that Novak and his team put into the Adria Tour, they must have expected the backlash they might receive. And now, after Dimitrov has contracted the virus, their greatest fear has come to life. While they may have been following the rules put in place by the Serbian government, it is not like the virus just disappeared in the country.

The irony that I found most interesting was that during the first weekend of the Adria Tour, Novak told the crowd to stand up for a moment of silence for those who have been affected by the Coronavirus. Do you know how patronizing that comes across? By saying that, he made it seem like the pandemic was "over," when clearly it is not even close to being eradicated. No masks, no social distancing to be seen, it is very disappointing to see this happening all the while so many of us are working so hard to stay safe during these difficult times.

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