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Dylan Alcott, World Number 1, is Right... Disgraceful Discrimination

No wheelchair, no juniors, no qualifying, and even worse, no awareness for the players. Dylan Alcott, the World Number 1 in Wheelchair Tennis, has called out the US Open organizers of "disgusting discrimination". He may have a point. Yesterday, on June 17th, the US Open had a live press conference where it did not once mention the possibility of having wheelchair tennis participate this year's Grand Slam.

Without warning and any approach by the tournament organization, Dylan Alcott found out through Tennis Australia (and mostly via Twitter), that he would not be able to compete for his respected Grand Slam. Dylan has called out the organization and I believe it is rightfully so. Why not consult with the top professionals from each part of the tennis world, to see if they can and would like to compete this year.

Below, Dylan was welcomed on "The Project" to discuss what had happened. You can clearly see the frustration, anger, and sadness he speaks with. This shows how passionate he is to compete at the highest level. He goes on to say that these organizers are making decisions for them... Just watch and listen.

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