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Naomi Osaka Makes BANK

Picture from Tennis World USA

Over the past decade, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have dominated the women's sports world. Not just by the way they played on court... but with the amount of money they racked in each year! From 2011-2015, Sharapova was the top earner in tennis who made more than $20 million each year! In 2016, Serena started rise while Maria declined... Serena took over. The most Serena made in one year was $20.2 million, Maria's career high was $29.7 million, and Osaka... well, she has taken the cake with $37,400,000!

It's no secret that Nike had been looking for the next big thing since Maria retired, Serena turned 39 (not to mention her starting her own fashion wear company), and they needed another female athlete to headline the NikeCourt brand.

Currently these are some of the brands that sponsor the Japanese-Haitian Star:

Clothing - Nike

Screenshot from Forbes

Car - Nissan

Airline - ANA

Watches - Citizen

Credit Card - MasterCard

Racquet - Yonex

Food - Nissin

According to Forbes, "Nike plans to launch an Osaka streetwear line in Japan in the fourth quarter, featuring hoodies, leggings and shirts, as well as a new collection each season. There will not be any tennis apparel"

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