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Dear Dominic... Ines Ibbou Shares What the World is Thinking

"Dear Dominic,Your last words were hurtful to say the least, the reason why i decided to write you this open letter. Hopefully you’ll change your mind about me and many of us sharing the same situation after watching this video. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t blame you for what you are or this current situation because after all, it’s mainly up to national and international federations to look after tennis family and sort out difficulties, for the sake of this sport. But this answer is a way to bring light to our situation and maybe also protecting our integrity... Our voice deserve to be heard also... Thanks for those who helped me put my anger into words, and words into images🙏🏻" BOOM ROASTED

Ines Ibbou is a professional tennis player who represents Algeria in International competitions. Currently ranked at number 620 in the world, she is wondering (just like everyone else) what is going to happen to the future of tennis after this pandemic and stay at home orders are over. You may have never heard of her, but you're going to want to after seeing how she laid down this distrack at Dominic Thiem. While this may not be a song, this well thought out Instagram TV segment she just posted on social media has definitely called out the Austrian.

Recently, Thiem has come out saying that some players at the lower level do not take the sport seriously enough so therefore they should not receive financial relief during these times. While there are programs that are currently being put into place for players who are lower ranked, Thiem was the first higher profiled players to disagree with such ideas. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and voice, but I think Ines Ibbou makes it clear that there are some things that Dominic needs to seriously reconsider.

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