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The ITF NEEDS to fix this...

The "Golden Match". Definition: When a player wins 48 straight points without letting his opponent win a single one, ending the match 6-0 6-0. That might not be the full story though... According to the Twitter account, Oleg S. a.k.a AnnaK_4ever, Artem Bahmet has never picked up a racquet before his first match at 15k in Doha.

This information was found on a betting website forum in Russia. Where a contributor to the site was explaining how they bet on Bahmet to lose and what they were spending the money on. Below are the screen shots of the tweets that revealed the information.

Can someone explain to me how the ITF is allowing people like this to enter into tournaments like these?? There are actually players, with ACTUAL skill that want to compete but instead, we have guys like this that are abusing the lower tier pro tournaments to make MORE money off the system we have in place!

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