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The 2019 Davis Cup was eh...

There were a lot of things to take away from the 2019 Davis Cup Madrid Finals. But, if I was to describe the newly formatted, "World Cup of Tennis" it would be; average. I say average from the business perspective and the way it was run. Don't get me wrong, the quality of tennis is always there. Seeing Canada make it to the finals with just Shapovalov and Pospisil in singles was incredible! Baustista Agut having the courage to continue to play while losing his father mid-week and WINNING his match in the final match, chills!

Who is Your IT Guy??

Filled with flaws, the website was not updated and was riddled with name mistakes. This was a trending topic on tennis twitter, where most tennis fans pointed out the small and maybe more visible flaws. Even the electronic advertisement signs on the court went out and showed a million recycling bins DURING A MATCH!

YouTube Breakdown with Tennisportalen

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