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Paire Post-Match Interview after win over Fritz

Benoit it was very fast, it was simply the quickest game of the tournament

yes it’s good, it’s good for me because I had two mathces yesterday, I knew how to manage him, strike back, I had a good quality of serves. For me it was a good match, and I took him in the game I wanted with a lot of movement, a lot of rhythm change too. So it worked well today and I’m happy to be in the final and this will be a big match tomorrow.

You were a bit anxious about your physical form at the beginning of the match though

Yeah I had a back ach before the game, but I had a lot of care to calm the pain but finally during the match I felt better and better and with the progress of the game. We had only few exchanges and not many runs so it helped and gave me an advantag. So I am happy, the public was here, now I will have to win the tournament, I’m very happy

Another final, on clay

yeah again on clay, finally it will be my favorite field, I like every field but the best results are on clay so now I will have to take the maximum of confidence before Roland Garros, and if I go there with a title it’s even better.

Do you prefer one of the players to face on the final?

Well, its 2 players who play very well, Basilashvili, who is ranked 16 and Felix 30 in the world. But he will go to the top 10 quickly, so it will be a difficult match and I will have to be in it if I want to win

So you will try to rely on your serve?

yes I will try to rely on my serve and my way of playing and hopefully it will work

So you already wonder what will be the consequences on your journey at Roland Garros ? To give some confidence for example

I will enjoy these moments for now plus, it gives me confidence, so yeah I will try my best to win tomorrow and leave for Paris!

The next step in Paris will happen fast…

Yes, I will leave just after the final. I will try to practice on Sunday and my first match should be on Monday. The next step arrives quickly but if we win a tournament it’s easier.

You said you’re looking forward to see the Roland Garros’ draw, have you looked at it yet?

Of course I looked at the Roland Garros draw. Every body make predictions but there can be interesting surprises. I think we have to wait after the first rounds. I will try to do my best and to win this tournament first. Then I will recover physically and play at Roland Garros

. The first round would be certainly complicated.

Do you feel physically ready to play 3 , 4 or 5 sets in RG next week ?

I have just played 2 sets in one hour. If I keep this pace, it should be fine *says while laughing*

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