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From Cal All Star to Starting Over on the Pro Tour, Who is Maegan Manasse?

"Tennis players are just normal people". One of the first things Maegan says to me when I asked what it is like to be a pro tennis player. And she is right. Tennis players are just normal people... that are on TV, super athletic, and travel the world. I recently met Maegan while I was covering the Houston Oracle Challenger event. She thought I was a player at the tournament since I was dressed to hit with the pros that morning. It actually made my day.

Maegan went to Cal University where she achieved a ranking of Number 1 singles and doubles in the ITA Standings during her time there. But after her surgery, she wasn't able to compete for some time so she became a Graduate Assistant for the 2017/18 season and was to still able to graduate with a degree from a pretty prestigious school if I might add.

Growing up with two older siblings who played tennis themselves, Manasse began a very popular name in the tennis world in California. She had to make a name for herself within her own household, let alone through the junior circuit. Now she has moved on to the professional tour to become the next big star!

Listen to her full story right here!

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