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Tallen Todorovich: The Jerry Maguire of Tennis

"Show me the money!" For those who are not familiar with this quote (but you should), this quote is from the movie Jerry Maguire. Probably one of the most famous Tom Cruise movies, and one of my personal favorites. This movie set the tone and adventures of being a professional sports agent. But unlike that quote, Tallen Todorovich is trying to create a more personal and family-like atmosphere for his clients.

Fortunately, Tallen reached out to me after I posted my Michael Fried, Wesleyan University Head Coach, interview online. It turns out that he played for Wesleyan University's varsity tennis team in the mid-2000's where he said, "one of the greatest experiences you could have as a college athlete." During the interview, we also discussed academics, the "little 3 rivalries" and more!

Fun fact, Tallen is also the agent and lawyer for professional tennis player Noah Rubin. Both Tallen and Noah come from a background of tennis on the east coast where they both hail from the New York area. What started as a friendship turned into a professional connection where they both work and travel together. During the interview, Tallen discusses his plans for Noah and what it is like to work with a professional tennis player.

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