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Day 7 as the Media Guy: The Induction

The Hall of Fame is something special in and of itself. Not only for tennis, but for all sports. Being apart of the hall of fame is something that enshrines you into sports history for the rest of time. Today, I had the pleasure to be apart of that history where two accomplished and very talented tennis player were placed amongst the rest in history. Helena Sukova and Michale Stich were the honorees for the Class of 2018 and certainly deserve it. If you are not familiar with who they are (to be honest neither was I at first), here are there accolades:

Michael Stich

- 1991 Wimbledon Champion

- 1992 Wimbledon Doubles Champion

- 1993 Davis Cup Champion

- 1992 Gold Medal in Doubles with Boris Becker

- Finalist for US Open and Roland Garros

- 18 Career Titles

- World Ranking of #2 in 1993

Helena Sukova

- 10 Career Singles Titles

- Singles World Ranking of #4 in 1985

- Doubles World Ranking of #1 in 1990

- Finalist for US Open (x2) and Australian Open (x2)

- 9 Career Grand Slam Doubles Titles

- 5 Career Mixed Doubles Grand Slam Titles

- Fed Cup Champion (x5)

- Hopman Cup Champion

Both of these players have proven themselves on the court and certainly deserve to be placed into the Tennis Hall of Fame for their accomplishments. The ceremony itself was very organized and coordinated to the extent that you, as a fan in the stands, could feel their achievements and moments when they were playing on screen. Both players emotional while giving their speeches, were very genuine and humble to be where they were. I did though, believe that Stich's speech was a lot more fluid and engaging. After a moving speech from his coach, he needed a moment before he could begin his speech. He said something that stuck with me,

"It’s not about winning or losing, it’s the people who make everything possible around you". I will never forget this quote because I can relate to it and that it has meaning behind it. Recently I have learned that your real friends will be with you in your time in need, when you're down but not out. The true friends, and the ones that care about you will stay with you and make your life easier when it comes to the most challenging of tasks.

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