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Wimbledon Review

This year Wimbledon has been full of excitement, drama and pure entertainment. We have a new Number 1 ranked women’s player, Karolina Pliskova. We had one of the best five set victories by Gilles Muller over Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic even retired against Berdych and admitted that he had been dealing with an injury for 18 months and is thinking about taking some time off of tennis. Does he really need it? Probably. He has not had success all year like he has had in the past.

Our champions, Muguruza and Federer, displayed some dominance that we have not seen from players in a long time. Federer did not drop a set AT ALL throughout the entire tournament. Muguruza beat the crap out of Venus in the second set, winning 6-0.

The Final


What can you say about Roger Federer besides, perfection. He took Cilic’s chances and knocked them right out of the stadium. With a win like that, Federer does not even need to think about retirement at this point.

Federer becomes the second player this year to win a Grand Slam without dropping a set. The first person to do that this year was Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros, but we probably could of seen that one coming to be honest. This win set Federer’s overall record for the year at 31 wins and 2 losses. 2 LOSSES? He has only lost twice year; once at Dubai and once at Stuggart.

Cilic played a hard fought match but he seemed injured and fatigue from the previous matches that he had played in the tournament. He had two big tests to face before he met Federer. He beat Giles Muller in a thrilling 5 sets victory for the Quarter-Finals. He fended off the powerhouse American Sam Querrey in the semi-final. We could see Cilics frustration with his small outbursts and his injury timeout during the match. Cilic had a fantastic grass court season and hopefully he can have an even better hard court one before the US Open.


For our women’s final, it looked like it was going to be a tough battle. A tight 7-5 first set win for Muguruza and it looked like the momentum was shifting just ever slightly towards her side. Then, lightning struck and the match was over. Personally, I went to the barber shop just as the first set was going on and followed the match on my phone. I wasn’t even there for more than 30 minutes in the match was already over by the time I left. I was shook.

Muguruza is still a young player and still has a lot of potential. With the lack of Serena Williams in tournaments, because of her pregnancy, Muguruza can rise up in the rankings and prove that she can be one of the more dominant players on the women’s tour. With her powerful groundstrokes and great movement on the court, she has the capability to move within the Top 10 as well as taking over the number 1 spot. Because personally, we need the number 1 player to prove themselves by winning a grand slam. Congratulations to Pliskova but you need to win a slam to be number 1 in the world, not just being consistent within tournaments and getting to semi finals and not winning.


This years Wimbledon was probably one of the ones to remember just because of the play before the final. A lot of long lasting matches that showed a lot of promise from young players and future champions. Johanna Konta having a breakout grand slam performance in her home country and Querrey powering through the competition shows that anyone can rise up to have a breakout tournament.

Now we look onto the hardcourt season and the US Open. Can Federer win his third Slam this year? Will Muguruza win her first US Open title?

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