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Tennis World Cup vs. Davis Cup. Which one is better?

I love soccer. My favorite sport behind tennis is soccer. We all know that the World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events there is. In my mind it is the biggest event to watch, the second biggest event next to the Olympics. I was at the 2014 World Cup and there is no other feeling than the crowd chanting, heart pounding excitement that you get from a World Cup match. The tennis world already has its version of the "World Cup", the Davis Cup. While this is already established, does the tennis world need something better?

According to ESPN and the Daily Mail, FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique was in recent contact with the ATP director during the Mutua Madrid Open about starting a tennis. Pique has also talked to Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray about this idea. The goal is to attract the tennis world's biggest stars. While each of the top five players in the world have won the Davis Cup already, but most of them usually drop out during the qualifying rounds to focus on their goals for the tour. But who wants to watch no named players during one of the "biggest events" on the tennis calendar? When I was watching the Davis Cup this year, I could not name one player on the Belgium Davis Cup team when David Goffin was not on the roster.

When it comes to World Cup style of play, I expect obnoxious crowds, loud environment, and so much pumped up energy that it shakes the building. This is the complete opposite of what tennis is but it would create a new element to the game. I like to see this environment to the Ryder Cup in golf. I want to see that kind of controlled chaos in tennis.

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