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Zverev Wins Battle Against Former Management... Still Fighting a Bigger Battle

(TENNIS.COM) According to the statement, Zverev had given "various false reasons" for being entitled to leave and had dropped his subsequent claim against his former agency. But, it added, his former agent, Patricio Apey, was "proud" he "helped nurture" Zverev from No. 825 to No.3 in the rankings.

Zverev is now managed by Team8, which also represents and is partly owned by Roger Federer.

"It's an extreme sense of relief. We have been dealing with this for two years now," said Zverev, speaking to press on the court steps in London. " I'm happy to be released from that."

Zverev's position was that ACE had attempted to get him to commit to a much longer deal than he recognized.

Yes, it is a good situation that Zverev got out of his contract with his old management company but there is another hill he has to climb after his ex-girlfriend is claiming domestic violence against the German star. Recently, US Open finalist Alexander Zverev won his suit against his old management which claimed that Zverev had given false claims to leave the company because he was "entitled".

It is good that Zverev was able to get out of this situation. Nothing is worse to a player than off the court situations that can clog your head. But let's face it, the recent situation that Zverev is now involved will have a longer-lasting feeling to his play. This, just like his former management debacle, will not go away. ESPECIALLY, with the severity of his actions, his ex is claiming.

(THE GUARDIAN) Casual tennis fans around the world would have been forgiven for assuming that Alexander Zverev did not play last week. At the Paris Masters, the penultimate big tournament of the year, Zverev won four matches to reach the final but each time he entered the court many of the bustling official tennis social media accounts fell silent. Although he beat Stan Wawrinka in straight sets, Tennis TV provided only footage of his opponent’s successes. When he faced Rafael Nadal, his presence in the match was noted only when he won. No explanation was offered.

It isn’t difficult to suggest a reason for the silence. A few days before the tournament began, Zverev’s ex-girlfriend, Olga Sharypova, uploaded an Instagram post stating that she had been a victim of domestic violence by a former partner.

She later said that Zverev was culpable and in a long interview with Ben Rothenberg in Racquet Magazine published last Thursday, Sharypova offered a harrowing account of the violence she said escalated from Zverev hitting her head into the wall to pushing, choking and punching her in the face. After one such encounter in Geneva, she said that she injected herself with insulin in a suicide attempt. “I didn’t want to live any more,” she said.


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