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Sasnovich Is The Most Positive Person in Your Life Right Now

Cleveland, OH - To be completely honest with you, I was not expecting this answer when Sasnovich came into the press room. I really enjoyed listening to her speak about her off-court "mental" preparation. The answers she gave really put into perspective how one should really think about the game as a whole.

Congratulations on your wins today. Thank you so much. This is Philip from Tweener Head Tennis. I was actually wondering about your consistency. You've been in the top 100 for almost four years now. I was wondering what is your key to be consistently in that top 100? Or what is your mentality to staying inside the best of the best?

You know, I love life. I love tennis and I'm just enjoying, you know, what I do, but I think I could do better of course, because I think it's not my maximum and I just have to keep working. Yeah, the key is to be positive everywhere. So, but I, I think I have to be, more, more positive if you want to go higher.

Hi, thank you again for taking this question. I was actually wondering about that kind of mindset. You always talk about being positive and not setting expectations, kind of being free of stress. Did it take you a really long time to achieve that? Or is there anyone specifically that taught you his way of thinking when it comes to facing someone across the net?

I think before I had, the coach, a previous one, was very positive and this one now as well, very positive. So I keep it from the people, my dad, or he always positive. Sometimes I'm not that positive, like 50/50, but I try to talk with them to be with them, you know? I want to surround myself with the people who are on just positive minds, because it's very important in tennis.

Even if you win, if you lose, you have to stay in the moment. You have to be tenuous. It's not, you have lived it's dangerous. Yes, it's nice. But after it's life and you have to be a nice person, if you'll be nice, I, I believe in karma. So you, you will have that all, all best for what you work.

Photo from TennisOne App Twitter Page


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