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History Made! Fed Cup Changes Name to Billie Jean King Cup

Just this week, the international women's world cup of tennis (aka Fed Cup) has just announced that they will be changing their name to the Billie Jean King. In order of her 50th anniversary for fighting for equality in both men's and women's tennis, this seemed like the most logical move for the Fed Cup to make.

"I'm still in shock," King, 76, said of the tribute. "It's really a privilege, and it's also a responsibility. It's wild, it's great, it's wonderful."

It is the first time a major global team competition has been named after a woman, ushering in a new era for the historic tournament and representing a landmark moment for the sport.

BJK was one of the "Original 9" who risked their career to start an all women's organization for the sport of tennis. This eventually led to the creation of the Women's Tennis Association in 1973 which is now the primary organization for women's tennis.

"We feel it's long overdue," ITF president David Haggerty said. "All major team competitions, including Davis Cup, are named after men, and we think it's really fitting that the women's world cup of tennis would be named after someone as iconic as Billie Jean King, who changed the face of women's sports."


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