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Emma Raducanu Switches Coaches Again?

Three Coaches in less than a year after her US Open championship run. Emma Raducanu is a star that has made waves not only in the tennis community but in the entirety of the sporting world! After winning her first grand slam in New York, there was a lot of pressure to repeat her success.

During her time at Wimbledon last year, Raducanu was working with her junior coach Nigel Sears who helped her reach the fourth round of her hometown grand slam. Once that was over, she worked with Andrew Richardson who was beside her when she triumphed in New York. As of late, she worked with Torben Beltz for only five months.

"I think Torben has been great for me because when I wanted someone with tour experience, I think for my first six months on the tour, it was very valuable" - Sky Sports

The 19-year-old says she will be using her time to work on a new training block back home and use sparring partners to develop her game even further. How do I put this... just why? Why does she need to change coaches so quickly? She is finding success on levels some players wish they had at her age and now she is changing coaches AGAIN? Where's the consistency??

Moving forward, the LTA will be helping her for the foreseeable future with coaches like Iain Bates, who will be with her during the Madrid Open.


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