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Anett Kontaveit Appreciating the Little Things in Life

CLEVELAND, OH - Kontaveit is one of the most hard-hitting players on the WTA tour. And as one of the fan favorites, we had to sit down and talk to her while she is in Cleveland for their inaugural tournament. With more time spent off the court than in the last two years (due to COVID), we wanted to know what Kontaveit might have learned about herself or the game while spending time off the court.

"Congratulations on your win today. And thank you so much for taking time out of your day to do this. I was wondering during this entire pandemic kind of trying to refigure out everything that you need to do on tour, what was the biggest thing that you took away from just being away from tennis, as well as getting back into the groove of having crowds and everything kind of coming back to normal in the tennis world?"

I think it's made me really appreciative of having people back, watching us again and, playing in front of crowds. You know, it was definitely different for a while, playing without crowds, not, you know, no one could come and, you know, even, uh, support me there. Like my parents couldn't come to watch, watch my matches or anything like that. So I think now it's just, I'm, I'm really grateful that we do get to have people and I'm really excited. My mom's coming to New York to watch me again. So it's a little thing, that I think before maybe we took for granted and, um, now it was just really appreciated them a little bit more

Cover Photo via TennisOne App Twitter Page


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