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ATP Changes Ranking System to help during COVID-19

So to sum up with what the ATP just released today:

- Players ranking will be based on their "Best 18" (best 18 results they have manged) between March 2019 to December 2020

- "Tour-level tournament points added in 2020 that count in a player’s Ranking Breakdown will remain on a player’s ranking for 52 weeks, or until the event in question is played again in 2021, whichever comes first"

- "Provide stability for players who cannot or prefer not to compete in 2020 due to health & safety" - "Provide a system that can adapt to further changes in the calendar if necessary" - "Reward players who perform well following the resumption of the Tour in 2020" - "Retain the principle of defending tournament points week by week in 2021, maintaining player mobility in the rankings"

"The temporary changes to the Rankings system have been made in consultation with the four Grand Slam tournaments and the ITF. Should the 2021 season be impacted by Covid-19, further adjustments to Rankings will be considered". I want to find out more about this statement. Were other players consulted? Who knew about this was going to be released? This goes back to the argument of if the right information was given before a definite "solution" was made for the players.

While this may have happened for the men's professional tour, what about the women's tour? Was the women's tour consulted during this time? As a media person who looks upon the tour from the outside in, I feel like this needs to be a time where the tours need to collaborate in order for everyone to be on the same page.

P.S. does this include the ATP Challenger and ITF points as well??

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