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The US Open is Scheduled to Come Back... But Why

Look, there is no surprise that most people want to see sports come back. Not just tennis but any sport for that matter. Tennis may be one of the safest sports to play during this pandemic, but it still would put people at risk if we still held a tournament with people from other countries.

What I do not seem to understand is... why are still trying to push a sport that has already lost two-thirds of its season already. Tennis is already trying to move on and have different exhibition tours like the "Ultimate Tennis Showdown", the Eastern European Championships (Battle of the Czech Women), Tipsarevic's Tour, and a multitude of exhibitions around the US that are being broadcasted daily.

For the safety of players, their families, and for the workers that might have to contribute to this tournament, I do not think this is a good idea. NOR do I think that tour events should be played for the rest of the year, let's just hit the reset button and start over in 2021.

"We're following each step in the [restart] procedure in the great hope that we can announce that the 2020 US Open will be played in its regularly scheduled date," Chris Widmaier, the USTA's director of communications, told ESPN. "We hope to make an announcement in the very near future."

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, strict health protocols will be in place for the US Open, with testing regimens and restrictions on the movements and activities of players while they are in New York. Fans will be prohibited at the event.

(Peter Bodo ESPN)

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