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Tennis Players Rally Together During Time of Need

As a white, straight, mid-20s male, I recognize my privilege and I hope to use this platform I have to promote good and I want to create for the greater good. Coco Gauff, a 16-year-old black teenager, is already using her platform to promote positive change in this country. During this difficult time, Gauff has taken to Twitter, TikTok and Instagram to provide her support for the Black Lives Matter movement and create a community where we can all come together to fight the violence against people of color in the United States.

Gauff has already received a lot of feedback and compliments for the initiative she has taken and will continue to do, rightfully so, but I encourage those who are complimenting her take their own stands and initiatives in voicing their support. Another young tennis player, Amanda Anisimova, has also voiced her opinions on Twitter and TikTok to show her support for those who are protesting and advocating for the life of George Floyd and the countless other victims of police brutality.

These players are the future of our sport and the future of our world, and it is clear that they are taking advantage of social media to use their voice and advocate for the greater good. Many others, including Nicole Gibbs, Madison Keys, and many more, have taken to social media to spread support for bringing those responsible for George Floyd's death to justice. Their support is admirable and greatly needed, and I am proud of the tennis community for taking a stance and fighting for their beliefs. The fight isn't over yet, and there is a lot more to be done, so please ask yourself what you can do to stand alongside these tennis players and fight for human rights.

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