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Call him the Comeback King! Andy Murray wins Antwerp

Who else thought that it was the end for Andy Murray at the beginning of this year? At the 2019 Australian Open, Andy Murray announced that he would be retiring from the game of tennis due to a hip injury that seemed unsolvable. An emotional press conference had the whole tennis world buzzing. I even made a video on our YouTube channel, thanking Andy for a wonderful career that showed the tennis world what hard work looked like (now taken down, obviously).

This victory means a lot more to Murray and to the tennis community than you think. We thought we lost one of the best players of our lifetime and Andy probably thought the same way. Once he found out about the surgery for his hip, it gave him hope that he could compete again. I am just happy he is back and competing at a high level again.

This final was one I sat down and enjoyed every point. Between Wawrinka's winners and Andy's angry moments at himself, it was definitely one to enjoy on all levels!

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