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The New Ms. Sunshine of the WTA: Marie Bouzkova

TORONTO - In fact, it was on those very courts where Bouzkova picked up her most distinctive on-court accessory: an enormous water bottle that practically dwarfs the 5’9” player. After looking around and noticing that everyone else carried a giant water bottle to combat the Florida heat and humidity, Bouzkova noticed that one bottle in particular didn’t shed condensation. So, she immediately bought it off the player.

“Yeah, we bought it from some random girl who was just practicing there,” she laughed. “I kept drinking from that bottle for like three years, and then, I don’t know, I’ve always just looked it up on Amazon and just got a new bottle.

“Now, I honestly can’t think of playing a match without the bottle. It just became a part of me, and now that I think about it it’s been more than 10 years that I’ve been playing with it.”

(WTA Article by Stephanie Livaudais)

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