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Genie Bouchard is now getting her own movie??

Now, we all know the story of how the Patriots magically won the Super Bowl against the Falcons in 2017. It would be a great movie to recreate. Tom Brady can be played by Mark Walhberg, Matt Ryan could be played by Matt Damon. But that is not the narrative that people are trying to take away from the Super Bowl.

Apparently, Genie Bouchard is going to get her own movie based on her Twitter bet with a random follower. Back in 2017, Bouchard was very keen on the Falcons winning that she was willing to put up a date as a bet with one of her random followers that tweeted at her.

“It’s the craziest thing ever! It started with pure luck and exploded into this unbelievable story,” Genie said. “I’m amazed at how much people love this story, and I’m so happy I followed through on the bet!”

COMPLEX - which picked up a script written by Jonathan A. Abrams based around the story according to Deadline. Bouchard is an executive producer on the project, which is being produced by The Hate U Give's State Street Pictures. According to the publication, the movie will focus on whether or not a social media–born relationship can survive public scrutiny.

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