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Genie vs. Belinda: The Match of Comebacks

For most of what has been happening on tour, Belinda Bencic and Genie Bouchard has not had the most smooth sailing season thus far in 2018. But when it comes to Luxemburg, this tournament has proven worthwhile for both young players. Belinda has found most of her success late in the season but has yet to make a final during the 2018 season. And Genie seems to be making more of a splash on Instagram than on the court. Which begs the question, who is more likely to have a better come back to the top 25 in 2019?

Let us start with Genie Bouchard. Bouchard has dropped out of the Top 100 and seemed to not have gained momentum until this very tournament to make it past the quarterfinals. She has only made one semi-final and two quarterfinals just this year. Even at the Grand Slams, she has been battling through qualifiers just to make it through the main draw. While she has been doing well to get to the main draws, she has yet to breakthrough back into the Top 100. Maybe because it is the distraction from the Canadian government. Very recently, Bouchard has changed the place of her residence to the Bahamas which is known as a tax haven to most millionaires. While this may be true, it does not sit well with certain Canadian government officials which have come out and criticized the young tennis star for her actions. To be honest, Genie probably doesn't care but we have to ask the question, what other reason can she fall through the rankings so fast?

Belinda Bencic, the runner-up at this years Luxemburg tournament, has had recent success later in 2018 than the start. She has made the Round of 16 at Wimbledon, Quarterfinals of DC and New Haven. With a final under her belt, she should still feel confident about what she has accomplished in 2018. She still has a lot of promise. We must not forget that she has just turned 21 years old. Yet it feels like she has been around for such a long time. She played a strong young gun, Yastremska before making her final debut in Luxemburg. She has dealt with some injuries in the past but it seems that she is overcoming those with ease. Personally, I think she can still break through next year with more success and possibly even more than one title.

Between these two, I think Belinda has a brighter future than Genie but you never know with Genie. She can either tank at a tournament or upset 3 straight seeds. Only time will tell which player will have better success.

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