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Eric Toth: Winning Takes Care of Itself

"Winning takes care of itself." This is the philosophy that Eric Toth, Head Coach of the University of Cincinnati women's tennis team. He feels is the most important part about coaching.

From Division 1 tennis player at the University of Cincinnati, to Assistant and then Head Coach at Xavier University (my alma mature) to now Head Coach at his alma mature, Eric Toth has seen all aspects of college tennis. While as an Assistant coach at Xavier he learned from legendary Coach Jim Brockhoff. Sadly, Brockhoff passed away in 2011, but while under him, Eric learned what it meant to be a leader and role model for his players.

After developing such a great background, Toth has evolved his own coaching style. Creating a more personal relationship has been successful when recruiting new players to his program. Thanks to the opportunity that Cincinnati has offered him, he has had the chance to recruit more students abroad. Not only that, he is able to maintain focus on each player in order to push them to their limits.

Newly hired assistant coach, Katarina Adamovic, can definitely provide the experience and talent that Eric Toth has and needs moving forward. Adamovic is a four-time Big 12 All-Conference selection and claimed two Big 12 team championships for Oklahoma State University. With her college tennis background and Toth's veteran coaching, UC definitely looks promising for the future

You can listen to his journey and more by clicking the link below!

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