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The Most Exciting Player to Watch Is...

For people who do not watch tennis routinely, such as myself, say they rather play tennis than watch tennis. Well, maybe that is because they are not watching the right players. When it comes to today's tennis, there are a handful of players who are not necessarily in the Top 10 or even Top 50 who are exciting to watch but for me, there is always someone exciting to watch live or even online when I want to watch some amazing match play.

To be quite honest, it is not even great shots or great match play sometimes that makes a player exciting to watch. Just like McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, there are players that have been exciting based upon their behavior on the court. That is not to say that their behavior is should be encouraged but it does give this generation of tennis fans something to look forward to.

Personally, I think tennis needs more of this kind of excitement when it comes to the game of tennis. Fans see the game as a very clean cut, expensive sport to watch. I must admit it can be at times but what really gets fans engaged within the sport is controversy and outgoing personalities that bring flair to the game. So here are the Top Two Most Exciting Players to watch on the Men's Tour. (DISCLAIMER: this is totally my opinion, let me know if I miss anyone!)

​​ Denis Shapovalov: The Future Top 10 Canadian No, not just a Top 10 Canadian player, but a future Top 10 player in the world. This kid is something special to be on the lookout for. After his amazing run at Montreal just over a year ago, he has caught the attention of the tennis world and in a very big way. With a big forehand and an unreal one-handed backhand for a lefty player, he some of the world's most exciting plays.

I believe that he has brought a lot of flair to the game. That flair primarily comes from his extraordinary backhand that lights up an entire stadium after a winner. The way he finishes his backhand shows his flexibility and use of the racquet. It almost finishes as far as a fishing pole can bend. Ranked in the top 35 in the world, 34 to be exact, I would definitely keep an eye out for this young gun to make some more noise in 2019. He is going to be producing some great highlights during the next years season.

Fire Fueled Aussie: Nick Kyrgios After the controversy at the US Open with an umpire "pep talk" (followed by another umpiring controversy, that we will not get into), Nick Kyrgios has developed a bad rap for himself. But we have to give him a lot of credit for the talent he brings to the tour. He plays fluid tennis and rarely gives up on a point. He is a hustler and a fighter, well, when he feels like it. His rocket of a forehand and the fiery emotion fueling his drive is something to behold.

Besides his game, his emotion and attitude have gotten him trouble for the way he acts on court. He plays when he feels like it and he has had a hard time finding the motivation to continue on through certain matches. This is what makes him entertaining, to be honest. You never know what you are going to get when he plays. His unpredictability can be insulting to the game of tennis but can also bring some entertainment to your TV. I would compare him to the John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors of our day (but without the success of both players). He is ready to explode at all times and is waiting to do something entertaining for the crowd.

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