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Tennis Trunk Review: September Edition

Another month, another great set of gear sent from our friends at Tennis Trunk. This week we had the pleasure of testing out these products:

- Babolat Cap - Wilson Extra Duty Tennis Balls (x2 Cans) - OnTheGo Sports Towels (x4 with 3 different - Tourna Sports Power Strips - Verb Energy Company Power Bars (x4 with two different types of flavors)

OnTheGo Sports Towels One of America's first large cleansing body wipes, OnTheGo Sports Towels allow players to refresh themselves and recharge their skin after a match. Each towel comes in a size of a small washcloth, it is big enough to wipe around your arms and hands while not being an overwhelming size. The towels in this months Trunk, come in four different types: Unscented, Revive, Shower-Refresh, and Citrus Refresh.

After trying the towel after a workout, my skin felt lighter and all of a sudden I felt clean. I first tried the Revive sports towel, which seemed to have more moisture than the Shower-Refresh which I tried afterward. But the moisture instantly rejuvenates your skin once it has been applied. The Shower-Refresh also had a stronger scent to it but was not overbearing to the point where you can't use it anymore.

Overall, I believe these towels can give players or even those who are just working out, a convenient way to freshen up quickly. Whether it is on the court or in your car, it will provide you with a great way to cleans your skin. Especially those who are playing indoors, since there is barely any circulation.

Tourna Power Strips I have always been a fan of Tourna Tennis products. Their Mega Tac grip is one of my favorites to use. What some people do not know about Tourna is that their accessory products can really help their tennis game. These Power Strips can add extra weight to your racquet without adding any modification to the original design. With each strip weighing a measly, 3.62 grams, and placed on the inside of the racquets, it is easily removable and attachable to each racquet.

I would recommend this product to those who were are looking for a new racquet but instead just need to add weight to their favorite piece of gear. Sometimes when a racquet is too light, they immediately try to find a new racquet that easily suits them. Instead of spending another $200+ on a new racquet, you can easily use Tourna Power Strips to find out if you actually just need a little extra weight.

Verb-Energy Bars The hip and a new type of energy bars that are trying to revolutionize the energy bar market. With just 90 calories per bar, these energy bars provide one shot of espresso within each bar so that way you can easily wake up for your next match. Each bar contains organic green tea caffeine, nut butter, and gluten-free oats and quinoa. With a high nutrition value, each bar provides a healthy alternative snack that can help you wake up.

While this is nutritious and healthy, this would not be something to eat as an alternative to a meal. These make great morning snacks and easy quick bites to have in between matches or even during your match.

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