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Tennis Trunk Review: The New Way to Shop

I have always found myself curious about monthly subscription services that send you products, but never curious enough to subscribe. After living in Italy for six years, I was exposed to lots of fashion, and always on the look-out for a new or interesting emerging brand. When I found out about Tennis Trunk, I thought we could explore this tennis equipment subscription service together. What I found is that I enjoyed finding a "Trunk" and pleasantly surprised with a great assortment of products.

For those who are not familiar with this product, Tennis Trunk is a monthly based subscription where tennis players and fans can order personalized tennis boxes that include the newest and latest tennis products. Their original goal was to offer tennis players a more convenient way to buy tennis balls and other often used tennis gear. After gaining more traction, they started looking for other companies who might have products that would be of interest to the growing list of subscribers.

This Months Products included: Goddess Garden, Tourna - Rosin Grip, No Sweat - Hat Line, Skratch Lab Products (Sport Hydration Mix, Everyday Energy Bars), and two cans of Premium Wilson US Open Tennis Balls.

Goddess Garden After-Sun Gel

To be perfectly honest, I have never used a spray on version of after-sun care. I stick to gel or creams. When I tried Goddess Garden, it no only smelled good, but my skin wasn't sticky or slimy afterward like other after-sun products I have used. With all natural ingredients, it uses the power of aloe vera and teatree oil to help your skin recover from overexposure to the sun. I even gave some to my cousin who has fair skin, and she said it really helped.

Tourna - Rosin Grip

First of all, Tourna has always made good products. I use their grips and their string, and was very excited to see this high quality product i my Tennis Trunk. Rosin Grip is a powder that helps tennis players grip their racquet better if their hands are sweaty. With its small, shaker container, it allows players to easily access the powder with its twist off top. This reminds of me of the time I played in Europe. On each clay court, there would be a small basket by the net that would have wood chips and dust for players to rub their hands in so their hands can dry quicker. What Rosin Grip provides is a smaller and easier way to bring around that basket of wood chips around.

No - Sweat Hat Liner

What makes this product unique is that it really helps keep sweat from stinging your eyes, and you don't have to grab a towel so often. This sweat absorbing lining technology is easy to apply inside of your hat and easy to take off. One package alone contains three disposable hat liners with each one lasting weeks, depending on how much you sweat. This is an excellent product for someone who uses hats that do not have sweat absorbing technology in the lining already. Most hats in tennis already contain dri-fit technology but this product is very handy when you use a '47 brand hat or a cloth type hat. It does not matter what size the hat is, the disposable, No - Sweat Hat Liner is flexible and durable.

Skratch Lab Products: Sports Hydration Mix and Energy Bar

Tennis Trunk sent me two flavors: lemon lime and orange. Personally, I am a lemon lime kind of guy and when I mixed it in with my water while I was training, it pleasantly surprised me. I have used mixers in the past and it was always hard to mix it well enough so that way there are no clumps in the water. With Skratch Lab Hyrdation Mix, it dissolved easily in water. The taste is subtle, but has a good flavor. Some of these type of products are too sweet or just not that tasty. This drink is one that I would try again especially in the heat that we have seen in the last weeks.

The Skratch Energy bars that were provided came in two different flavors: cherry and pistachio, chocolate chip and almond. I first tried the chocolate and almond bar and I loved it. As someone who is not the healthiest eater, this bar solves my after practice recovery diet.With the bar being gluten free, dairy free, vegan and kosher, its worth a try. I know I'll add it to my healthier snack list.

Overall, Tennis Trunk is a service that I wish to continue in the future. I would definitely recommend it to others who play tennis and who are looking to find new products for their tennis game. With new products every month, Tennis Trunk is a great convenience for tennis player, and oh by the way, you'll always have new tennis balls.

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