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Day 5 Citi Open Spotlight: Scheduling

Day 5 has kicked in the usual fashion here at the Citi Open. I wake up, grab my clothes, find someone to hit with then go set up my computer at the media center. What typically comes next is something that no one wants to be apart of. Especially when it causes the entire media center to wait around for a very long time. Thankfully it stopped after a 2 hour delay. It actually gave me the opportunity to go home and do my laundry. Which I desperately needed to do. While this tournament has a lot of upsides, the only downside I can think of when it comes to it is the scheduling of the matches. Now, I know I can't control the weather or have the power to build a stadium with a roof over their heads but still...

Match Scheduling Conumdrum

Every tournament has an ever changing schedule. Whether there is an event going on, the players are delayed, or even the weather. Oh boy, the weather. What can we say about the weather? It is natural occurrence in our everyday life. We cannot avoid it and we most certainly cannot control it. And the Citi Open is definitely one of those tournaments where the weather is affecting everything. ESPECIALLY the schedule. Most of the match

es this week have been pushed back, and back, and further back into the night where players are only starting at 11 PM and ending around 1 or 2 in the morning.

My thought process behind this is that, this is because the tournament is scheduling matches to start playing at 2 PM. Why would they consistently do this rather than start matches at 12 or maybe even 10 AM? Out of the entire week, they scheduled play to start at 12, once. Just once. That does not make sense to me. With most of these matches lasting too long, why would they not start early? Why not open the tournament doors earlier so that way the spectators can watch more matches and enjoy the events for a longer period of time. Andy Murray played another three hour match in order to reach the next round tonight. His third consecutive 3 set match. Imagine if more people saw this match? It would be easier and more.

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