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Day 6 as the Media Guy - Wheelchair Tennis and Sloane vs. Madison

Day 6 at the Tennis Hall of Fame Open was a real interesting one. Not only did we try out wheelchair tennis for the first time, we had the opportunity to watch Sloane Stephens play fellow American, Madison Keys. A rematch of last years US Open women's final match.

Wheelchair Tennis - Just wow

Honestly, this was probably one of the hardest things I had to do. The first thing I have to say about this sport is that, you must give credit to the people that play this sport. Not only focusing on playing the game but how to handle your chair and get to the ball is INSANELY hard. My arms are hurting just thinking about it again.

I had to not only keep moving in my chair, I had to push the chair with my racquet in hand. The instructor who was showing everyone how to play said that wear and tear on the grip was normal. It also prevents you from getting your fingers caught in the wheels while turning. But the key is to push off on your racquet which pushes on the chair to turn on a dime.

Personally, I was able to use my same stroke and swing when it came to striking the ball. But something that I found interesting was that most of the strokes I was hitting consistently were squash shots. Hitting the ball flat and across my body because the ball would bounce in a different direction or my chair would keep moving. Getting jammed up with the ball coming straight at you happened a lot more than you would like. So a big difference between playing with a chair would be setting your chair or positioning yourself in a way so that you can make contact with the ball more easily. I definitely wiffed at least half the time I was trying to play.

If you want to check out the full review about wheelchair tennis, check out today's vlog!

Stephens vs. Keys - All American Greatness Rematch

What can we say about these two ladies. Two of the most admired athletes in American sports not only for their athletic ability, but as a person as well. Having the opportunity to watch these two is once in a lifetime, especially at a all-male, grass court event. Even before the US Open, these two stars were the closest of friends off court and it makes their relationship on court even more special for the fans to watch.

While they made their own calls and the crowd was getting really into it, I started to wonder if these two will ever reach the pinnacle or come at least close to what Serena has achieved. While both of them are still on the younger side of the tour, they both have a hill to climb when it comes to chasing history. Yet, in this day in age, they are already achieving something special in the sports world already. They are the faces of woman's sports and advocating for younger generations to look up to.

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