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Day 1 as the Media Guy: Donald Young, Will Blumberg and MORE

This is a whole other experience. It's one thing to post about fun points between players, but its another to actually go up to talk to them about who they are and their game. This week I have such a wonderful opportunity to be part of the media crew that covers the Dell Technologies International Tennis Hall of Fame tournament. Personally, I never saw myself being apart of the media crowd when it came to tennis. My dream has been to compete on the highest level that I can and make a name for myself. As of now, I am making a name for myself in a different way. The goal of this blog is to bring not only tennis fans, but sports fans as well as other people, the life and events of a professional tennis tournament.

I arrived this past Saturday and while driving over the traffic filled bridge, I was starting to get nervous. I've never done this; where do I go? Who do I talk to? How do I approach professional tennis players? Do I pretend to be a fan then show my media badge (just looking at my media, by the way, is pretty cool). So many questions are running through my mind. But at the same time, I am just trying to blend in. Remember, this is still my first time doing this.

With the qualifying rounds underway, it gave me the chance to look at some of the behind the scenes action of the media center. It's quite nice. Lots of room, very spacious, and air conditioned (the best part about it probably). It is like our war room. It'll probably get busier throughout the week but listening to what the media room has to say throughout the day is quite insightful and interesting. And I get to be apart of it all.

Sean Paul, UNC Tennis Head Coach, Interview

I had the pleasure of catching Sean Paul coming off the practice court right before William Blumberg's first round qualifying match. We discussed Blumbergs game and his possible decision to go pro during or after college. He had great things to say about Blumberg. Even calling him one of the greatest players to coach in his career. You can all check out the full interview in our Day 1 Vlog on YouTube!

First Interaction with a player: Donald Young Jr.

Well here is my chance, the first player I interview. Top 200 player, Donald Young Jr., is stepping off the court and I have the opportunity to ask him questions. I ask him the basic questions of, "how are you feeling about this tournament" and "what do you look for when you first prepare for a match". Then I hit with "Who would make a better tennis player; Lebron or MJ". I wanted to ask more questions but he started to walk off. Check out how I did in the Vlog!


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